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Columbia Wedding Photographer @ Cobblestone Park

You know what they say, a little rain on your wedding day is "good luck". Maria contacted me through a mutual friend. She was the typical blushing bride, or so I thought. Once we started talking it was like we had known one another all our lives. To know Maria in all her splendor is to love her. This natural beauty doesn't require any makeup at all. When this lady enters a room, the entire venue lights up. Maria has a spirit that sparkles like a finest of diamonds. Her smile glows like a ray of sunshine just after a calm spring rain. Her heart is good as gold. She touches the hearts of everyone she meets. Maria and John are both very humble and kind. You can see at first glance, they truly love one another.

Maria is the rock of their family, and it's so obvious John agrees.

There is absolutely nothing like witnessing the fireworks fly between the two on the dance floor! To say they have chemistry, character, and charisma would be the understatement of the century.

While watching this lovely bride and her dashing groom mix and mingle it's clear to see they have an amazing support system. There were over 175 guests in attendance at beautiful Cobblestone Park in Columbia, SC. Everyone at one point or another participated in this once in a lifetime day. From Maria's venue, to her gown, the caterer's, wedding cake, center piece's, flower's, and dance floor everything was seamlessly pulled together in a theme of simple elegance. My favorite part of the evening would have to be the photo's at sunset along the golf course. The evening was one of the most amazing experiences of our career. The love this darling couple share with all of their family and friends flows like none I've ever seen. Maria and John departed the evening with bubbles floating overhead under an amazing sunset sent by God himself to bless their Very Special Day!

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