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July 7, 2018

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July 4, 2018

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Wedding and Family Photographer in Columbia & Lexington, SC


Photographs are one of the best ways of capturing the most precious moments of your life and enabling you to revisit the good times several years down the line. They are a sort of a window into your past, where everyone around you was happy and reveling in the celebration of life.


At Jenni P Photography, we believe that every life is special in its own unique way and are here to help you in documenting it in the most beautiful way possible. We are a husband and wife photography team that is based out of Columbia and serves in the surrounding areas as well. We help capture your most precious memories on print and specialize in wedding, candid, portrait, outdoor, family as well as natural light photography. In addition to this, we also offer the service of studio shoots for our discerning clients.


With years of experience as a professional photographer, we have catered to the photography needs of hundreds of clients for a wide variety of events. At Jenni P Photography, we keep you at the center of our universe and use our skills, expertise and technical know-how to recreate your life memories in a tangible form.


Each of our photo shoots begins with you. It focuses on who you are, and inspires us to reflect your originality, taste and style in each of the frames that we capture. We essentially illustrate your beautiful story of life through our camera lens and provide you with a collection of the best photos of your life as a keepsake of your breathtaking memories.


With strategic camera angles, smart light settings, advanced zooming techniques and great attention to detail, we recreate your happy moments in a way that they look and feel as authentic as life itself.


We offer world class wedding photography services to our clients who wish to capture the subtle nuances of their special day of love on camera. We believe that true love exists and that the wedding day marks not only the union of two souls, but also the beginning of an entire life of togetherness. We understand how important your wedding is for you and are here to help you in capturing your millions of mixed emotions on the day through our lens.


At Jenni P Photography, we focus on understanding the unique needs and requirements of our clients and review the theme of their special occasion in great detail beforehand. Doing this, allows us to create the right mood for your photo shoot and convey the authentic essence of emotions according to the need of the hour.


Regardless of whether you are planning to hire a professional photographer for your wedding, or wish to have a photo shoot with your little bundle of joy that has just entered into your life, Jenni P Photography is a name that you can count on for treating your intimate emotions with deep love and respect.

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